Facebook Lessons from Retail Marketing for the Industrial Space

For twenty years (yikes really 20?) I have developed my expertise around all aspects of marketing for the manufacturing space.  I started with directory advertising and moved to digital advertising as it started to evolve.  What I love most about digital marketing is how it levels the playing field for small businesses.  Create a well-built website and suddenly the guy in his garage can compete with a larger machine shop facility with 20,000 sf of manufacturing space.

My skill set was challenged when my sister opened a bakery and I agreed to manage all of her marketing  for her.  We wanted to come out the gate with a strong professional presence, she wanted to build credibility as soon as possible.  We had a brand created and then hired a top notch professional to build her a website (Thank you to Rebecca Mead Digital Design & Strategy).  So far so good, I was in my comfort circle.

Now to promote the business and build clients . . .  here I step outside , way outside, of my comfort zone.  We start with Facebook and despite not really understanding the very confusing dynamics of the Facebook ad platforms, we start boosting posts and running some ads.  And wow do we have great results.  In 12 months Gwendy’s Goodies has over 1300 likes and very strong engagement on her page.  Orders start coming in through Facebook messenger and Facebook becomes the main platform for her stores customer interactions.  For a local business, dependent on community for support and success, Facebook crushes it and it is really pretty affordable.

Observing how retail business interact and market to their clients has been very intriguing to me. Since I live predominantly in the industrial space, I am curious what can I take from this experience in the retail areno for my manufacturing clients.  First, with limited time and resources, Facebook is NOT where I would suggest my B2B clients start.  Having said that, there is opportunity for my clients to build conversation and community with its clients which can help support the brand and keep them front of mind.

The following are a few examples of some B2B clients who have done a great job of utilizing Facebook:

Magnatech Orbital Welding



Manufacturing Extension Partnership



Industrial Scientific Corporation


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2 Responses to Facebook Lessons from Retail Marketing for the Industrial Space

  1. We find we need to dip into the social media pool and we do bump into a different demographic of our tool users. We had some interesting results from an instagram experiment. Most of our advertising, though, is working through traditional manufacturer outreach portals. The social media complements our other efforts but doesn’t seem to replace anything, so far.

    • Marnie, I agree that it doesn’t replace anything but I do think it supports and enhances. That’s the fun side of social media marketing it allows us to engage with our audience in new and different ways. Thanks for the comment!

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