Marketing DOESN’T Start With YOUR Products

Okay I know this sounds odd, but it’s true. An effective B2B marketing strategy DOES NOT start with your product. Your product, quoting and pricing it, is the end of a process that your target prospects and clients follow (see Walking the Buyers Journey).

When discussing how to market products and services with my B2B / Industrial clients, the value proposition and key selling features they discuss are around the end product itself or around why THEY thinks it’s so great. But what they should be doing, is sitting on the other side of the table and thinking about their products/services from their clients perspective.

Marketing Doesn’t Start with You

So how do you do that, how do you figure out what your clients really think of you and products? How do learn what your clients think is your true value and unique selling proposition? You ask them. Don’t send them a survey, but get on the phone and talk to them, as many of them as you can. Create a questionairre with open ended questions and engage in conversation with them. Gear the questions more about they company and the intangible values they believe they receive based on doing business with.

Create Value

To be successful in this new digital age, we need to stop focusing entirely on our products and sevices and and start creating content and branding that your clients and prospects value and need. THEN they will be more open to your products and services.

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