New Year’s Resolutions For a Fit Marketing Strategy

I wish I could take credit for this train of thought but I can’t. Shawn Fitzgerald, ThomasNet’s VP of Digital Solutions is the clever one who wrote the following blog post Trim the Fat From Your Marketing Plan, and 4 More Resolutions for 2015 , a creative twist on our personal approach to New Year’s Resolutions.

He has 5 great ideas on how to take a new look at your marketing from a “dieters” perspective.

1) Lose weight. (Trim the fat from your marketing)
2) Watch less TV. (Okay not really TV, just stop driving your ads to intrusive)
3) Exercise more. (Effective marketing doesn’t happen once a year, content creation is crucial)
4) Learn a new language. (Stop pushing and start pulling – learn to speak inbound)
5) Travel somewhere new. (Try a new marketing technique, a new tactic, stop saying that doesn’t work for our industry and figure out what will work)

I am also on the new year’s resolution band wagon, but this year instead of focusing on goal: weightloss I am taking a more holist approach to health and fitness. So Shawn got me thinking, how would my new year’s resolutions apply?  Here’s 3 more that I thought were relevant.

6) Clean Eating: Do you know which of your strategies and/or tactics is or isn’t working? There is no silver bullet to marketing, it’s never just one thing that drives a company’s success. However, if we are measuring effectively we should know what’s working and what’s not. The first thing to “cleaning” up your marketing is to start measuring. Using an effective tool that helps you to fully understand not only what is working but what is feeding what is working is crucial to a successfully achieving your sales and marketing goals. It’s time to really understand what is and ISN’T driving growth so you can clean up your marketing diet. Not sure what tools are available or what makes sense for you? You can download this whitepaper for an overview on Marketing ROI:

7) Work with a personal trainer. Many people now work with Personal Trainers to help them achieve the most from their work outs. Typically those people who do hire trainers are pretty committed to success and usually achieve their goals. Why not work with a Marketing Personal Trainer? The significant shift in marketing to the digital arena has created more choices, requires more content and a wide array of marketing skills and expertise. If you truly want to drive growth through marketing, wouldn’t working with an expert make sense?

8) Dust off the scale. Once you implement an effective way to measure what you are doing you now have a baseline and a way to measure. You should be measuring and adjusting your strategy every month against the established basedline. We live in a very fluid marketing environment, you can no longer put together a new website and content and consider yourself done. Measure, modify, measure, modify, measure, modify . . . .

When I suggested to my family that we should eat “clean”for 3 months I got some push back, ok I got a lot of pushback. Everyone agreed to give it a whirl, but no one was as excited as me at the prospect of doing this. I am going to suggest that many of you may run into the same issues within your organizations. “Why change?” and “This how we have always done it!” But if you are consistently discussing how to grow your business, how to better reach your prospects or are setting growth goals, then how you have always done it probably isn’t working anymore – or isn’t sufficient. It’s time to create some New Year’s Resolutions for your marketing strategy.

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