Productivity Tactics That Drive Content Marketing

I don’t know about you but I am on the never ending quest to become more organized and more productive. I want to accomplish more in my work day but work just a little less. It seems I just keep adding more “to do’s” and end up working more and my home and personal life suffer because of it. This is completely backwards. This year I have started making better choices: Can I attend a meeting virtually instead of driving? Before I accept a new task I determine if it will move my business forward. If it does, what impact will it have on my other commitments? Can I actually accomplish the request and still effectively serve my clients?

I am also becoming more protective of my personal time. I have blocked off my weekends from work, family only. I am done on Friday afternoon and I don’t start again until Monday morning. Working out of my home it is awfully tempting to lock my self in the office for a few hours and get “caught up” but I never seem to get “caught up” and I can never reclaim the time I lost with those who really matter to me, my family.

So I realize the focus of my blog is about content marketing in the B2B and Industrial space – so what does this have to do with my blog? Well, not only do we have to be productive and organized in our general professional life we also must manage our content marketing strategy employing those same tactics. Inc. published an article written by @entrepreneurorg member Jeremy Choi of Jeremy has done a great job of creating a short concise list of how to be productive – “3 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Productivity”.
1. Develop a schedule: in his article he references scheduling even down to family activities and sticking to it. Taking short breaks between tasks to stay fresh and he finds he is getting more work done.
a. Okay so let’s employ this from a perspective of running your content marketing strategy. Write a calendar schedule of what needs to get done and when, then stick to it. Maybe it looks something like this: First Monday of the month is white paper writing, every Tuesday you schedule your social media for the week, Wednesday you brainstorm blog content for an hour and Thursday your write your blog and Friday you publish and broadcast. The concept of content creation is overwhelming, but when you break it down, schedule it and stick to the schedule suddenly you are actually building a successful marketing strategy that will grow your business.
2. Leverage an assistant: Jeremy talks about getting some help with keeping him on track with some of the basic tasks. I have hired my daughter to help me out with some of the administrative work so I can schedule the higher level tasks to best support my clients and my business.
a. So who can help you with the more administrative tasks of managing a content strategy? You rough out an idea for a white paper and then allow the assistant to type it, proof read it, run it by the engineers. You approve it then let them take care of formatting, publishing and distributing. That same assistant could research potential content for your social platforms, you check the list and let them post and schedule.
3. Use productivity hacks: Jeremy suggests tools like Google Apps (I am a big fan of office 365) Candly for scheduling, Charlie App (this one looks really cool) and Sidekick for email.
a. There are a ton of tools that provide productivity in the delivery of an effective content strategy: Marketing Automation software like Hubspot (huge fan of this tool), Hootsuite for social platforms, Evernote for capturing organizing web content as you come across ideas or articles that make sense.

So here’s the thing, if you have growth goals and need to implement a marketing strategy – you can get it done. Create a plan and strategy, keep it simple and straight forward and stick to your schedule and before you know it you will be consistently cranking out content and building engagement. Every business I meet needs to be developing better leads, entering new markets and driving growth. But also every one of those businesses is too busy or to overwhelmed to consider a longterm content marketing strategy. But there are ways to insert a content marketing strategy in to your plan without shutting down the business.

Or just know way to get it done? Give me a call or send me an email, we have a great team in place that is cranking out results for companies just like yours.

Read Jeremey’s article here – great tips and tools to check out:


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