Web Marketing Growth Industry in Connecticut

I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by Harriet Jones of WNPR on digital and web marketing and the impact it has on B2B and Industrial business in the state of Connecticut.  Harriet does a great job of covering the Industrial Marketplace in Connecticut for WNPR.  She focuses on a wide variety of subjects that impact the states manufacturers from lean, Kaizen, employment issues to sales and marketing.

When I spoke with Harriet, her interest was the emerging Social Media conversation and Internet Marketing and if that would play a role in helping the states manufacturers grow and market their businesses.  I have been involved in the Industrial / B2B marketing space since 1996, prior to any real impact of the web.  It is amazing to see these new technologies and mediums and the impact they have on one of the oldest and most crucial parts of our economy.

Today, several years after that interview, manufacturers are fully beginning to embrace social media and and true content marketing.  They are less resistant and more engaged than ever and are seeing true and measurable benefits from it.

Listen to the full interview.

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